In addition to excellent performances by Peterson and Golden, Ali Daniels plays James’s niece. While the character is tasked by the script to provide comic relief—often coming from her habit, rare in this family, of straightforwardly giving people information rather than fretting about the consequences—Daniels gives it a nice precocious spin. That James becomes so fond of her is easy to understand.

- Matthew Foster (The Potting Shed)

Ali Daniels, who plays the role of Anne Frank, was superb. She looked and acted the part very well. Although she is a college grad, there was a moment when she was sitting on her father's lap that I truly believed she was just 13 years old. Her playful demeanour, bright smile, and pesky personality (of a young kid) made her truly take the form of Anne.

- Bartley Stratton, of The PlayBillCollector (The Diary of Anne Frank)

The star of the show is Ali Daniels as Anne Frank. As my friend The Playbill Collector noted, for a college graduate she's a very believable teenager (and she looks a little like a young Judy Garland in braids). Spirited and wide-eyed, but with the wisdom of a child, she successfully conveys Anne's essence, both in conversation with others and in reciting passages from Anne's diary. I was reminded of the History Theater's Coco's Diary this spring, although obviously Anne had a much more difficult life than Coco. But both are insightful observations of the world around them.   
-Jill Schafer, of Cherry and Spoon (
The Diary of Anne Frank)